After a turbulent 2020 and most of 2021 we returned to face to face activity.  We have been busy!


September - Fg Off Cloke takes command, WO Dando presented his scroll, Sports Trials, WO Dando transfers, Cpl McMillan achieves his BTEC Aviation and Sgt Crane joins us as supernumerary (main Squadron is 2316 (Sheppey).  

Fg Off Cloke.jpg
WO Dando Scroll.jpg
Sports Trials.jpg
WO Dando leaving.jpg
Cpl McMillan BTEC Aviation.jpg
Sgt Crane.jpg

October - Cpl McMillian passes his Bronze Leadership Badge, the Squadron gets a new badge, FS Cloke ages out, Sgt Cloke becomes staff and Fg off Cloke BTEC in Training and Education.

Cpl McMillan Bronze Leadership.jpg
FS Cloke ages out.jpg
Sgt Cloke Promotion.jpg


Fg Off Cloke BTEC.jpg

November - Fg Off Cloke gets married and is now Fg Off Broom, Poppy Collecting, Remembrance Parade, sadly CI Fisher passes away and Cdt Cloke achieves her Master Cadet Classification. 

Broom-0286-Edit-CROP copy.jpg
pOPPY sELLIN 2.jpg
Remembrance Parade.jpg
CI Fisher.jpg
Cdt Cloke Master.jpg

December - Pilot Officer Powell joins us as staff, 4 new cadets are enrolled, visit to Uxbdridge Battle of Britain Bunker, Lions Club Xmas Float, Cdt Worsfold ages out and we had a Christmas film and snack night. 

Plt Off Powell.jpg
Uxbridge Visit.jpg
Lions Club Santa.jpg
Cdt Worsfold.jpg
Christmas Party.jpg